Emergency Dentistry

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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

Our emergency dentist is available for you 24/7

We understand that dental emergencies can knock you at odd hours, and how painful, and stressful they can be. So to give you instant relief from your dental pain and discomfort while suggesting the best-fit treatment, we offer emergency appointments at all hours.

Not to mention, ignoring dental emergencies or trying to handle the condition with DIY techniques can lead to severe and irreversible complications. Depending on the severity of the condition, we arrange an emergency appointment for you with our dental experts as soon as possible. And till then, you can try out the following tips to control the condition and reduce the discomfort.

Emergency Dentistry

Helpful tips to handle a dental emergency shared by our emergency dentist

Toothache: For instant pain relief, take pre-suggested painkillers from your dentist. Or, if the medicine is not available at your home, you can try out the saltwater rinse treatment.

Chipped tooth: At first, rinse the area as well as your mouth with lukewarm water, and press a cold compress on the area to reduce the pain and inflammation. And if it bleeds, place a small piece of gauze in that area.

Lost filling: In case you lose your dental filling, insert a sugar-free chewing gum into your cavity until you get your new filling at Laguna Beach Dental Excellence.

Knocked-out tooth: We can help to save your natural tooth if you consult us quickly. Till the time you visit our clinic, make sure you hold the knocked-out tooth carefully by its crown. Also, be careful enough not to remove or wash away any tissue. If it is not possible to place the tooth back in its place, keep it in a salt-water solution or milk.

Broken crown: If your crown is broken, never try to fix it with super glue. Just cover your cavity using sugar-free chewing gums.

Lost milk tooth: It is not necessarily a dental emergency unless the gum is injured or a portion of the tooth is still rooted. In such case, visit our clinic immediately, and to reduce the pain and inflammation, use popsicles.

To schedule an emergency appointment at Laguna Beach Dental Excellence, call us today.

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